Completely new lifting concept as Lifto5 offers the most mobile lifting solution. Lifto5 pin points Your highest productivity in front of Your customers. Mobile, lightweight and easy-to-use lift will fully renew work on building maintenance and construction sites.

Lifto company is launching completely new, lightly movable and top-of-it’s-range lift as Lifto5. The new type of lift can by easily transported cost-effectively in a van or a trailer and easily used - just by one person.

The compact lift can be pushed thru most door openings and into even small elevators. Within a minute the Lifto5 can be taken into use from a van. From user perspective ease of transportation, mobility and drive-around-lift in a one package is unique combination, which has not seen earlier.

Lifto5 combines best features of traditional ladders, scaffoldings and lifts. Lifto5 is lifted or lowered vertically by a cordless drill and it’s offering working height of 5 meters. This means less jumping up and down as with ladders or scaffoldings. Horizontal movements can be done by rotating hand cranks. This all is combined in a package with weight of 160 kg.

With this product, you will have less need to work with traditional ladders. This means less risks with ladders as Lifto5 is full scale lift fullfilling EN-280 standard.

Lifto5 lives with you:

  • It goes with you. Instantly in or out of your van.

  • In a minute under working condition by one person.

  • Easily and rapidly movable by pushing from ground or drive at heights.

Why to choose Lifto5?

  • Lifto5 combines pros of traditional ladders, scaffolding, push-a-round hoits and drive-a-round hoits.

  • No more heavy truck transportations. Light and easy to transport in a van.

  • No more jump up and down from heights. Lifto5 can be driven from platform cabin.

  • Easyness of mobility from site-to-site, room-to-room, floor-to-floor, elevator-to-elevator, van-to-van.

  • More working time due to less hoist waiting time.

  • For machinery rentals ease of transportation gives new customer segment.

  • More working time due to less maintenance. No hydraulic. No electricity. No battery.

  • Lifto service includes full manufacturer services – spares, maintenance and inspection.

Lifto5 mobility simply makes you more effective.